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The ABC's of U.S. Immigration | The Real Solution | Family-Sponsored Immigration   Employment-Based Immigration | Naturalization 

CCIR is committed to comprehensive immigration reform.  To better understand why so many areas of our community are coming together in order to see reform get done, we have prepared issue papers on how immigration affects us all.

The Real Solution to Defend our Values:  Faith-based organizations have come together to honor the tradition of welcoming and providing sanctuary to new Americans.

The Real Solution for a Strong Economy:  Immigration reform is vital to maintaining and building a strong, healthy U.S. economy.

The Real Solution for our Security and Freedom:  Immigration reform is essential to securing our borders, protecting our national security and making sure that America remains a beacon of freedom.

The Real Solution for our Families and Communities:  Each successive generation of immigrants has helped forge America into the strongest, most vibrant nation on earth.