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There is a growing awareness that America's current immigration system is broken and there are many parties, including the White House, Congress, business, agriculture, labor, immigrant advocacy, community and faith based organizations, currently calling for immigration reform.  Only a broad national coalition of pro-immigrant organizations and individuals will be able to influence the national debate on comprehensive immigration reform from a human and labor rights perspective. 

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR) is a new collaborative developed by national and local community, immigrant, labor and policy leaders in 2004.  Based in Washington, DC, the mission and central purpose of the CCIR is to pass progressive comprehensive immigration reform.

CCIR is a legislative campaign for comprehensive immigration reform powered by strategic, coordinated activities provided by immigrant advocacy, grassroots, religious and labor organizations across the United States and on Capitol Hill.  CCIR organizes and mobilizes the voices and power of the pro-immigrant movement in support of national legislation that incorporates key principles for immigration reform:

  • Reform Must Be Comprehensive
  • Provide a Path to Citizenship
  • Protect Workers
  • Reunite Families
  • Restore the Rule of Law and Enhance Security
  • Promote Citizenship and Civic Participation and Help Local Communities

Participation in the campaign simply requires a commitment to a set of immigration reform principles and to engage in coordinated activity, as appropriate.